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Influence of Ink, Stone and Wood

  • Flight With Flowers (floor cloth)
    One image from the series, "A Season of Changes" welcomes you into this album. Other images from The "Seasons" series follow. A image called "Transformations" is inserted to introduce the notion of text and image entertwined, a continuing theme in much of my work. Two sumi ink drawings in this album were created in August '05 with the 60th anniversary of Hiroshima and Nagasaki on my mind. A common characteristic of all the images in this album are the shared influence of Japanese art on my sumi ink drawings, watercolors and woodcuts. NOTE: The link at the top left of each photo album page will take you back to the weblog where you can select another photo album or another post.

Japan: Journey 2006

  • Img_0207
    These photos give a few glimpses of my 2006 visit to Japan. My visit to an artist's studio in Kyoto where indigo dying was taking place was one highlight of this journey.

Skylit Space

  • Paper lamp and flowers
    Many visitors to my studio know the barn behind my house with its weather beaten brown shingles, mural of flying birds, and a stretch of scruffy grass, between house and barn. Since 2002 a second work space at the top of our house has been added. This space is the "Skylit Space" where watercolor, cut paper and other new work emerges. The rugged barn is not forsaken. It too is being updated with snug windows and new barn-red siding. Woodcuts, stencil paintings, etchings emerge from the barn aided by a large French American Tool press that is its centerpiece. NOTE: To leave this album and return to the weblog, click on the link in the grey bar at the top any photo album page. Once back at the weblog you can chose another "Album" or another "Post"

Studio Restored

  • Img_1342
    During the summers '06-'07 David Rubin lovingly restored this old barn. It was beautiful as a shingled structure but David has prolonged its life, given it a new sheen and made it weather tight so that my stored art work is safe.
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September 01, 2023


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